Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Ping: The Simulator Edge To Gripen Pilot Trai

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Title*:The Simulator Edge To Gripen Pilot Training
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Description:When it comes to making pilots hone their skills, a simulator offers its own set of benefits. As compared to real flight training, a simulator can be a cost effective option.

20:1, that is the ratio of the Gripen fighters' operating costs to those of the simulator complex used by Hungarian pilots for training at Kista, a district of Stockholm Municipality in Sweden, says a report in MNO.

The report also says that in times of economic crisis and shrinking defense budgets, in addition to the congested civil air traffic in Europe, simulators can be the way to go.

The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) in Stockholm has the Swedish Air Force Flight Tactical Simulation Center (FLSC) where the ultra-modern complex uses virtual reality tools for the complicated tasks in training Gripen fighters, including pilots from the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) soldiers.

The simulator consists of a set of complex networked computers that offers pilots everything from individual system familiarization to advanced tactical team training and mission rehearsal. Pilots can train with real flight like scenarios including an enemy to target.

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