Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Ping: F17 Gripens Train With Tornadoes In Joi

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Title*:F17 Gripens Train With Tornadoes In Joint Warrior 12
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Description:F 17 Gripens are participating with an English Tornado-division in flight exercise Joint Warrior 12 in Scottish Lossiemouth, says Swedish Armed Forces website Forsvarsmakten. This year, the Air Force with eight JAS 39 Gripen will practice in all three roles - fighter, attack and reconnaissance.

Besides flight personnel, the preparation of a mission includes 172nd fighter division of an MSE: a support function for the fighter division which prepares plans and evaluates a flight mission with pilots.MSE prepares the fighter division to handle the worst if needed. It helps in intelligence gathering, fuel calculations, interpretation of reconnaissance photos, warning system countermeasures, emergency landing etc.
172nd fighter division recently went on a two and a half week long exercise in northern Sweden for the Nordic Air Meet 2012. It will now go for a new exercise in Scotland for a week. Thereafter, it will gear up to participate in the five-week aerial combat training exercise called 'Red Flag' to be carried out in the U.S. in January-February 2013.

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