Monday, October 1, 2012

Blog Ping: A Milestone In South Africa

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Title*:A Milestone In South Africa
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Description:​Last week saw the African Aerospace and Defence 2012 expo at Waterkloof AFB in Pretoria, South Africa. More than 40,000 trade visitors from 28 countries attended the exhibition while 95, 000 members of the public attended the event on the air show days.

AAD is the biggest defence exhibition in Africa and Saab was there in force. Saab showcased the MSA 340 and hosted Ministers and Generals from across the continent. The Gripen fighter was, of course, the highlight of the air display as it did two shows each day. The final climb of every display, when display pilot Johannes "Blokkies" Joubert released a full load of flares was especially appreciated.

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