Friday, October 5, 2012

Blog Ping: Gripen Will Be Cost Efficient

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Title*:Gripen Will Be Cost Efficient
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Description:According to a news report in SVD Business, Håkan Buskhe confirms that Gripen will be economical and not more expensive.

Buskhe points out that Gripen E/F will not be an entirely new aircraft. "We are not starting from a scratch with a blank paper, and therefore we are not particularly unsure of the cost of the new Gripen. Taxpayers in Sweden do not need to feel anxious, says Håkan Buskhe, CEO, Saab.

Buskhe also said that Saab can make a profit even if it sells only 80 planes, though the target is to sell 300 Gripen aircraft. "There is a potential to sell 300 Gripen aircraft. It's not unrealistic. Since our new version is more fuel efficient and can carry more cargo than our twin-engine competitors, it has opened up new markets for us. Gripen's low operating cost is our main advantage," he added.

Read the full story: Saab CEO Promise: Gripen Keeps Budget​​

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