Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blog Ping: "Gripen E Will Be The Most Modern Aircr

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Title*:"Gripen E Will Be The Most Modern Aircraft"
Description:In an interview with NZZ, Saab vice chairman Lennart Sindahl says the new Gripen fighter aircraft will be a very new and a very modern aircraft.

"The Gripen E for Switzerland will be brand-new aircraft, built from scratch. All parts, hardware and software are new and still unused. You can be part of the rest of our group of customers and then help determine how we develop the Gripen E later," Lennart Sindahl says.

Explaining more about the new model of Gripen, he says, "It is a newly developed aircraft, built on proven models. Important parts, such as engine, radar and weapons are new. They make the aircraft more intelligent and persevering. The Gripen E might not be the strongest or the fastest jet in the market, but will be the latest, the most modern. In modern military aviation, terminal velocity and acceleration are not important anyway, but the radar, sensors, communications and weapons are."

Read the full interview: "Der Kampf Pilot gegen Pilot ist Geschichte" in Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung

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