Friday, October 5, 2012

Blog Ping: "The Brazilian Choice Will be Gripen"

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Title*:"The Brazilian Choice Will be Gripen"
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Description:Everything indicates that Brazil will select Saab's Gripen when the country is modernizing its combat fighter fleet. A Brazilian purchase may well lead to sales in other countries in South America, according to Eddy de la Motte, Saab's Head of Gripen export, in an interview with Reuters published in Swedish publications DI and SVD.

"I believe it will be us", he says.

According to de la Motte, there are several things pointing towards a Brazilian decision for Gripen ahead other aircraft such as the Rafale and Super Hornet. One factor in favour of Saab is that the company has placed parts of the production and development of the aircraft in Brazil in order to involve the country's industry into the development of Gripen. But above all, it is the price that supports the Saab and Gripen offer, say the reports quoting Reuters.

"Of course. Our price is the best – both the procurement and operational costs", says de la Motte and adds that when it comes to costs, Gripen has a much better offer than its its competitors.

If Saab succeeds in selling the Gripen to Brazil, it would open the door for additional sales to other part of South America, says de la Motte. Brazil is not the only country that Saab hopes to sell Gripen to. In Switzerland, the government has expressed a wish to procure 22 aircraft.

There is interest for Swedish combat fighters in many places in the world, not the least in Asia. Saab hopes to sell to more countries than Thailand. Malaysia has indicated interest but there are also possibilities in other countries – "more eastwards in Asia".

In Europe, Saab is hoping for Denmark but there are also discussions in the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Rumania and Bulgaria. The interest for Gripen has, according to de la Motte, never been as great as it is now. Above all, the price factor speaks for the Swedish aircraft in times then many countries are experiencing shrinking defence budgets.

"It is our turn now", he says.

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Brazil Will Buy Gripen

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