Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog Ping: Saab Targets Sale Of 300 Gripens In The

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Title*:Saab Targets Sale Of 300 Gripens In The Next Ten Years
Website (URL)*:
Description:According to a news report in the Swedish daily Business World, Saab's Head of Gripen Exports Eddy de la Motte says that Saab's goal is to export at least 300 Gripens within the next ten years.

"If this objective is achieved, Saab will have 10 percent of the available market," he added.

Eddy de la Motte also said that Saab's visions include the establishing of Gripen NG as the world's leading single engine multirole combat fighter, and to launch a Sea Gripen version for selected markets, within a joint development programme.

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