Monday, September 17, 2012

Blog Ping: Checking Out The Aircraft Of The Future

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Title*:Checking Out The Aircraft Of The Future
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Description:When DefesaNet's Jr aerospace analyst Vianney Rille visited SAAB in May 2012 to evaluate the Gripen, it was an altogether different experience for him for he was not looking at a finished aircraft but at an aircraft under development, the Gripen NG.

"Far from the booklets, advertising brochures and salesman presentations, I was looking for the most recent progress in the development of the Next Generation multi-role fighter that could justify the self-titled Smart Fighter and Best Single Engine up to now," Vianney Rille says in a DefesaNet Special report Gripen - A ticket to the future.

Talking about his experience of flying the Gripen, he says it is pretty agile, pleasant to fly, has friendly interfaces as Stig Holmström (first pilot to fly the Gripen) told him. "I did all maneuvers recommended by the experienced pilot in order to explore the aircraft envelope. But the "iPhone App" way of thinking was the boldest chapter of a weeklong visit. Like a Smartphone, this concept comes from a split avionics architecture, where Flight Critical Systems are separated from the Tactical. This way, you can make changes, adaptations and improvements in the Tactical avionics without interfering with the aircraft flight characteristics and control systems."

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